Customer Claims

Your safety net.

From the moment you discover a construction defect issue covered under your new build warranty, our claims team and licensed inspectors will provide immediate support.

Customer Claims

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Keeping this process as straightforward as possible, our experienced team evaluate the issue quickly and pay out the compensation required, immediately rectifying the problem and monitoring its resolution.

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Comprehensive Policies

ICW policies are specially designed to cover all potential eventualities and are tailored to the construction industry. Our flexibility allows us to custom a policy to suit any specific requirements that different projects command.

Quick and Effective Cover

We can provide a comprehensive and competitive quote quickly and efficiently. Once we receive your quotation application, we will provide a premium indication and, on acceptance, will send an authorised ICW inspector to conduct the initial appraisal to provide immediate cover.


ICW is so confident of this that we offer a price promise to all our customers…if you can find a like-for-like policy with a competitor at a lower price – we will reimburse you the difference. Feel free to find out how competitive our prices really are!

Rapid Claim Settlement

ICW prides itself on providing a service and insurance that, in the event of a claim, will allow a simple, quick and stress-free settlement…with the least amount of disruption possible to you and your project.

Make a Claim

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Did you purchase the property from the original developer?

Developer Details

Has the developer been informed of loss or defect?

Is the developer still trading?

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Are you currently holding retention monies on the property

Please note that incomplete information can lead to a delay in processing your claim.


I/We wish to make a claim under the terms of the ICW warranty program and declare that the information given above is correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

International Construction Warranties Ltd hold personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It may be necessary for us to pass data to the other organisations that supply products and services associated with your insurance contract, including the builder/developer of your property.


Should it be discovered that any information provided is deliberately false, this would be an act of fraud. In this situation your information will be passed onto the authorities who will investigate the matter as a criminal offense.

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